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Why TaxView?

Why do companies choose TaxView?

Because it gets sales and use tax right.

Why do companies choose TaxView for their sales and use tax solution? It’s simple, our approach is fundamentally different. TaxView is the industry’s only Tax Audit and Accrual Solution. Traditional tax engines try to calculate taxes at the time of the transaction, based on limited data which makes it impossible to make an accurate tax decision. TaxView’s approach overcomes the issues that result in tax over and under payments. Not just because of our solutions embedded Smart Technology, but because of its ability to collect source data in batch from one or more host systems. This provides greater visibility to the data that drives accurate taxing.

Three key capabilities that make TaxView so different.

TaxView is the only Tax Audit and Accrual Solution on the market – but that’s only part of what sets it apart.

  • Smart Technology
    TaxView is our Smart Technology that delivers full visibility to all your transactions and is flexible enough to meet even the most complex tax requirements. There are a wealth of smart features in TaxView that enable the software to correctly calculate sales and use tax correct the first and every time. The software application also gets “smarter” as changes and exceptions are easily identified and corrected. Gone are the days of needing intricate programming to adjust or make new rules, tax codes, or other configuration changes. With TaxView, it’s simple.
Smart Technology features include:
  • Maximum Rules Flexibility
    TaxView provides maximum flexibility for any rule structure. Due to the combination of data elements and operators that can be used, any rule can be written without limitations.
  • Zero Integration
    Because TaxView doesn’t require any systems integration, implementation is easy and maintenance costs are low. Transaction data is simply imported each month.
  • Data Granularity
    TaxView is configured to accept up to 160 data elements per transaction, 51 of which can be used interchangeably for precise rule construction.
  • Ultimate Visibility
    TaxView operates as a single, consolidated source for all your transactions. This provides a system of record for sales and use tax, and allows you to review all of your transactions in a short period of time.
  • Tax Rate Content
    Taxability content and rates are kept up-to-date at no additional charge. You also have the flexibility to establish custom tax codes if the published tax content does not address a tax scenario your business needs.
  • Refund Center
    TaxView is the only tax software that provides a mechanism for you to build and track refund claims associated with the errors found. It produces supporting information to file refunds with vendors and/or taxing jurisdictions.
  • TV Navigator
    Our proprietary dashboard provides a concise, batch-level view of every key piece of information you need to review for the period. This includes your largest (5) over and under payments by rule, state, and vendor. It also displays the gross and net tax standings for the batch and where your current rule approval process stands.

  • Proven Rules Methodology
    TaxView is built on a Proven Rules Methodology that was developed by the DTS founders over years of research and real-world substantiation. It’s how we drive our rule building process to yield the most accurate tax decisions possible. We follow it to configure the software with a tax rule structure that is specific to your business and industry. Our Rules Methodology is really the secret sauce behind the efficiency and accuracy we provide to every client we serve.

Our Proven Rules Methodology provides clear steps to accurate rule construction*:

Data ConsultationThorough identification of all the data elements and systems needed for determining proper taxability and situsing.
Data AnalysisEfficient analysis of all transaction data to determine the right data drivers for your unique tax rule structure.
Rule ConstructionProprietary and systematic methodology to configure the TaxView software with an accurate rule structure for your business.
Rule ReviewA week long, onsite boot camp with your tax team to validate and refine your tax rule structure.

*With TaxView Express these steps of our Proven Rules Methodology are automated or provided through best practices tools.

  • No Risk Model
    Our No Risk Model makes TaxView fast and simple to implement, and allows you to immediately see its value. We can onboard any organization in as little as 6 to 8 weeks, with minimal disruption to your tax and IT departments. Unlike most software solutions, TaxView doesn’t require a long-term contact term and it quantifies the value it delivers each and every month. We are so confident that you’ll see the value that we offer the most lenient cancellation policy in the industry. If you’re not 100% happy, you can cancel anytime.
No Risk means:
  • Fast & Simple Implementation
  • 6-8 Week Onboarding Managed by DTS Team
  • No Long-term Contract Terms
  • Quantified Value Every Month
  • Lenient Cancellation Policy (in the event you don’t see the value)

Two TaxView Solutions Offer a Perfect Fit

TaxView™ Pro

Turnkey, high-touch solution ideal for large companies with complex indirect tax requirements. We provide a dedicated account manager to take care of tax rule configurations and help with the monthly closing process.

TaxView™ Express

Packaged solution perfect for small and mid-sized companies with less complicated tax requirements. The system expertly guides you through rule configurations and the monthly close process.

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