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Smart Services + Smart Technology

A powerhouse combination that our clients love.

The TaxView solution is not just smart technology – it includes smart services. We knew there would be considerable value for our clients if they had ongoing help to make the best use of the TaxView software and assistance in the continual improvement of tax accuracy. This vision was the impetus of our Smart Services offerings.

Our Smart Services include:

Dedicated Account Manager

Express Manager (and More)

TaxView Express is our out-of-the-box, packaged solution that simplifies sales and use tax for small to mid-sized companies with less complicated tax requirements. Because it’s designed to be managed internally by a company’s tax team, TaxView Express has our Proven Rules Methodology and tax best practices built into the smart technology.

Smart Services components of TaxView Express walk your tax team through every step of the way including:
  • Express Template – guides the user through properly determining and prioritizing what fields should be imported into the application to drive accurate tax decisions.
  • RuleBuilder – a streamlined rule-building process that guides the user through the process of defining all new situsing and tax rules.
  • Express Manager – provides the user with a step-by-step, guided process that takes all the guesswork out of  running TaxView and properly calculating the monthly tax liability.

Diagnostic Review

Are you one of those people that prefer to try it BEFORE you buy it? Well, with TaxView, you can do just that with our Diagnostic Review. Not only will it open your eyes to what’s really going on from a tax perspective, it often helps build an airtight business case for TaxView.

Quick Facts about a TaxView Diagnostic Review:
  • We use your data to produce concrete results
  • It’s a highly efficient process – other than providing the data, we do all the work and it’s completed in just 4 weeks (from the time your data is received)
  • The Diagnostic follows our Proven Rules Methodology to drive tax rules for your real transactions
  • The results are compelling – you’ll see tax originally paid, TaxView calculated tax and variance by line item, errors, and more
  • You’ll see the bottom-line impact in a summary of over and under payments
CLICK HERE if you are interested in a Diagnostic Review.

Other Services

DTS also provides the following added-value services to TaxView clients.

Reverse Audits
Although DTS has many years of experience conducting reverse audits within various states and industries, we are not a “turnkey” reverse audit shop. Nonetheless, we do regularly use our TaxView software to assist our clients and partners with identifying what recoveries should be made during all open periods. Upon completion of our review, you’ll know exactly how much money is on the table so you can quickly and easily determine the best way to recover it. In fact, TaxView’s Refund Center capability will also help you build and track whatever claims you choose to file – with vendors or taxing jurisdictions.

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