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Who We Serve

Regardless of the industry, every company struggles with sales and use tax.

We can help.

With more than 11 years of experience across a vast number of industries, we have achieved a 100% success rate working with our customers’ exisitng ERP solutions. Our unique software and services solution can bring value to any company that wants to get their sales and use tax right the first time – every time.

Since the company’s launch in 2009, we’ve helped clients in these industries correct their tax errors and realize significant savings:

  • Consumer Products
  • Insurance
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Oil & Gas
  • Retail
  • Telecommunications
  • Transportation
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Who Needs TaxView?

TaxView can help companies of any size or industry that meet at least
one of the following characteristics:

  • High dollar spend
  • High volume of purchases
  • Decentralized procurement
  • Centralized Accounts Payable
  • Multi-state operations
  • Multi-locational purchases
  • Industries afforded with many exemptions
  • Industries afforded with specific exemptions
  • Companies with negotiated use tax rates
  • Companies that have ongoing over and/or under tax payments
  • Companies that allocate a large volume of their purchases
  • Companies that utilize vendors that don’t tend to charge tax or charge tax incorrectly
  • Companies that find themselves paying audit interest and penalties
  • Companies that regularly perform and/or manage reverse sales and use tax audits
  • Companies that have been surprised by sales or use tax compliance requirements

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Client Case Studies

Download some of our recent case studies to read about the tax challenges our clients faced,
what it was costing them, and the tax savings and other benefits they realized with TaxView.
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Here’s what our clients have to say about TaxView.

Identifies and Corrects Errors Before a State Auditor Does
DTS professionals have a deep understanding of the transaction tax issues companies face and the difficulty of managing constantly changing tax variables within a fixed financial accounting system. TaxView provides us with unparalleled visibility, flexibility and configurability so that the system fits how we need to manage our purchasing and tax data. It helps us quickly identify errors and take corrective action long before a state auditor would find them. And the reporting functionality will also significantly reduce our administrative burden during future state audits.
– Tax Director, Fortune 500 Consumer Products Manufacturer

Exceptional Service, Exceptional Software
DTS provides us with exceptional client service. They played a critical role in the set up of our TaxView software which included configuring our tax rules and going live in time to meet our filing deadline requirements. TaxView is very user friendly and has been a great tool in supporting our use tax accrual and audit process.
– Tax Manager, Cellular Telecommunications Provider

Dedicated Account Manager Adds Unexpected Value
We’ve been working with Dynamic Tax Solutions for more than four years. Their tax knowledge and experience was critical to the successful implementation we experienced. More importantly, even though we are up and running on the system, our dedicated Account Manager continues to invest time working with us each month to address tax errors and ensure we get through our close. Their hands-on approach, unexpected but greatly appreciated, has been invaluable to the growth of our people in using the software and key to the program’s continued success.
– David Ramer, Director of U.S. Taxation, Atlas Air, Inc.

Reducing Sales Over and Under Payments
TaxView has given us the ability to reduce our sales tax over and under payments. We found the software to be very agile and robust. The technical support, when needed, is a click or call away and consistently results in positive resolution.
– Marc Peterson, Sr. Transaction Tax Manager, Imerys USA, Inc.

TaxView Average Sales and Use Tax Findings by Industry

All Industries

Average Monthly Savings: $469K
Projected Annual Savings: $6.0M


Average Monthly Savings: $629K
Projected Annual Savings: $8.3M


Average Monthly Savings: $352K
Projected Annual Savings: $4.2M

Oil & Gas

Average Monthly Savings: $1.2M
Projected Annual Savings: $14.4M

Consumer Products

Average Monthly Savings: $279K
Projected Annual Savings: $3.3M

Other Industries

Average Monthly Savings: $58K
Projected Annual Savings: $687K

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