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Solutions Overview

Tax Audit and Accrual Solution

Fixing your sales and use tax errors – once and for all.

When it comes to corporate taxes, accuracy is everything. Yet, for many companies the calculation of sales and use tax is anything but precise. Complex and changing rules and a lack of critical information at the time of transaction make it impossible to correctly calculate tax.

It’s a risk your business can’t afford to take. Under payments of sales and use tax could lead to audit risk with big interest and penalties, while over payments can easily cost companies tens (or hundreds) of thousands of dollars each month. Sure, you can hire consultants to conduct reverse audits. But the sheer volume makes it impossible for them to analyze every transaction and, more importantly, you aren’t fixing the problem.

There’s a better way to get your sales and use taxes right – it’s called TaxView.

The industry’s only indirect Tax Audit and Accrual Solution, TaxView is an automated solution that provides the level of visibility and granularity needed to accurately determine how EVERY transaction should be taxed. It helps correct tax errors and minimize both over payments and under payments. This means significant tax savings for your business and less risk.

We're different because we're better.

Yes, TaxView is the only Tax Audit and Accrual Solution – but that’s only part of what sets it apart.

  • It gets it right the first time – because it’s smart.TaxView is our Smart Technology that delivers full visibility to all your transactions and is flexible enough to meet even the most complex tax requirements. It gets the tax correct the first time and gets “smarter” as changes and exceptions are identified and corrected.
  • It gets your business. TaxView is built on our Proven Rules Methodology that configures the tax rules structure to be specific to your business and industry. That’s what makes the most accurate tax decision possible.
  • It’s at no risk to you. Our No Risk Model makes TaxView fast and simple to implement and allows you to immediately see its value. We can onboard any organization in as little as 6 to 8 weeks with minimal disruption to your tax and IT departments. TaxView quantifies the value it delivers every month and, if you don’t see the value, we offer a lenient cancellation policy.

Two Solutions Offer a Perfect Fit

TaxView™ Pro

Turnkey, high-touch solution ideal for companies with complex indirect tax requirements. We provide a dedicated account manager to take care of tax rule configurations and help with the monthly closing process.

TaxView™ Express

Packaged solution perfect for small or mid-sized companies with less complicated tax requirements. The system expertly guides you through rule configurations and the monthly close process.

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