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The following frequently asked questions should provide you with some immediate answers. However, if you still have questions or would like more information, please click here so that we can contact you immediately.

Can TaxView work with a proprietary ERP system?

Yes. Although most of our clients utilize SAP, Oracle, or JDE, we do have several clients that do have less common or proprietary systems. Since TaxView doesn’t require any integration into the ERP system, we are able to work with all systems.

We're not typically assessed under audit, what would be the benefit of us using TaxView?

Most auditors are instructed to not look for over payments. Therefore, you may not have any material audit deficiencies, but you may be leaving dollars on the table in the form of over payments. Our Diagnostic Reviews are a great way to determine if that may be the case. You can also click here to complete our online ROI calculator.

How much time is needed to implement and maintain TaxView?

We have made sure that it is fast and simple to implement TaxView. We can onboard any organization in as little as 6 to 8 weeks, from the time we get importable data, with minimal disruption to your tax and IT departments. And, the typical TaxView client spends only 4 to 8 hours a month reviewing/managing their results before extracting any journal entries to be uploaded into the GL.

Our company has strict budgetary constraints, how much does TaxView cost?

The specific cost of our monthly service is tied to several different factors related to your company, data, and industry. However, our clients have found the actual price of their service is far less than a typical software solution and the exorbitant cost of the errors (over payments and under payments) they were experiencing on a monthly basis. In fact we are so confident you will realize value every month using TaxView, you will have the option to discontinue your subscription if you don’t. If you would like to learn more about pricing, please click here.

How much time does it take to fully learn how to use TaxView?

Since we construct and maintain 100% of the tax situsing and policy rule configurations for you, learning how to use TaxView is relatively easy. In fact, most of our clients become quite proficient within a day or two.

What are the hardware/software requirements for running TaxView?

TaxView is a fully web-enabled, cloud-based software solution that does not require your company to purchase and/or maintain any specific hardware or software. The only requirement is a free Citrix plug-in that takes less than 5 minutes to download and install.

Why would we spend the money of TaxView when we already have a working tax engine?

– First, your tax engine cannot validate itself. The current engine could be generating many accrual-related errors, based on limited rules capabilities or limited information available to make tax decisions at the time of a transaction. These errors typically to not become visible until audit or reverse audit time – both of which can cost you significant dollars.
– Second, and most importantly, TaxView provides a much more accurate tax result because it has much better visibility to all the data that is needed to drive an accurate tax determination. And, with this level of detailed data on all your transactions, the reporting is much more comprehensive than any other tax software. In addition, the granularity of information and feedback TaxView provides is invaluable in making necessary changes to correct tax errors, including configuration changes to your existing tax engine.
– Third, TaxView allows you to validate and correct the amount of vendor charged tax. Many of the existing engines will just give the user the ability to flag such transactions for a subsequent and manual tolerance review.
– Fourth, TaxView allows you to review all accrual adjustments before they are sent to the GL. The users can actually ensure that the resolution will be exactly as expected.
– Fifth, TaxView saves the results of every processed transaction, both taxable and nontaxable, to its data warehouse. This allows the system to be used as your system of record for all your purchases and tax information. This provides an efficient way to analyze your purchasing by vendor, location and/or geography and to pull data for audit purposes.
– Lastly, TaxView allows users to build, track, and store their own refund claims – to vendors and taxing jurisdictions. This saves companies an unbelievable amount of time with their recovery efforts.

How often do you update your tax rates and content?

Our tax rates and content are updated on a monthly basis.

Do you use a third-party provider for your rates and content?

Yes. We utilize CCH for our rates and tax content, as they are known as one of the country’s leading providers of this type of information.

Can I use my own taxability instead of the content provided by CCH?

Yes. Our system allows the user the option of applying a custom tax decision or a delivered CCH tax decision at the rule level. For example, if we created 1,000 rules to process your data, you could have 600 of them governed by CCH decisions, and the remaining 400 could be governed by custom tax decisions. This gives you the option to easily incorporate any audit results into your rule structure.

Is there a way to test TaxView prior to signing a potentially long-term contract?

Yes. Our Diagnostic Review process is a great way to perform a “proof of concept”. Not only will the review show you how your data will look and be processed by TaxView, it will also let you know how well your current tax function is performing. Results from these reviews can typically be shared within 4 to 5 weeks of receiving the importable data and will clearly report tax over payments, under payments and error rates.

How do I know if TaxView can work with my data?

We can work with almost any type of data, but we do require that your data meets certain requirements. Please Click here to request a free, high-level analysis of your data.

Is my data going to be safe?

Absolutely. Your data is stored in our secure “SSAE 16 Type II” data center, offering you the highest levels of logical and physical security, as well as fault tolerant environmental and power control systems. Further, all data can be encrypted and sent, via SFTP, to and from the data center.

What are the maximum and minimum amounts of data we can send to you every month?

There is no minimum or maximum limit to the amount of data we can receive and subsequently process each month. Whether you need 1,000 transactions or 10,000,000 transactions processed each month, we will have you covered.

Can your system use my negotiated rates that I have in certain jurisdictions?

Yes. We have several clients that have negotiated rates in various tax jurisdictions. TaxView allows rate overrides at the state, county, city, and local levels.

Will your system allow us to allocate costs and taxes to different locations or states?

Absolutely. Whether you need a single line or every line on an invoice to be spread across multiple companies, business units, or locations, our system can handle it.

Do you offer web-based demonstrations of your service?

Yes. We give web-based demos every week. They typically take between 45 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the amount of questions you may have. If you are interested in scheduling a demo, please click here.

Do you have references I can call?

Yes. We provide our references only by request. Our policy is to contact our clients prior to providing their contact information. Please click here to contact us to discuss further.

What kind of reporting does TaxView offer?

TaxView has an extremely robust reporting module that allows users to run over 60 delivered, management-level reports on demand.

Can the TaxView reports be exported into Excel?

Yes. All of the TaxView reports can be easily exported to Excel or formatted as a .pdf document. Reports can be saved, and are also preformatted to print on either letter or legal paper (based on each report’s layout).

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